Return to Work

A safe and timely Return to Work (RTW) helps injured workers with their recovery and rehabilitation. The longer injured workers are away from the workplace, the more difficult it is to return to productive employment.

The RTW process begins as soon as the worker suffers an injury. It may involve working modified duties or fewer hours while recovering. The primary goal is to get injured workers back to their pre-injury job position. 

Collaboration is essential in ensuring a successful return to work outcome.
The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) encourages communication between parties participating in the injured worker’s recovery and return to work.

Roles and Responsibilities

Health Care Providers:

  • Diagnose and treat the injury/illness. 
  • Provide medical information to the WSCC.
  • Communicate appropriate medical advice to the worker, WSCC and employer.


  • Complete and submit the Employer’s Report of Incident.
  • Contact and maintain communication with the worker.
  • In collaboration with your worker and union representative (if applicable), identify and provide suitable work consistent with worker’s functional abilities and, where possible, restores worker’s pre-injury earnings. 
  • Provide the WSCC with a copy of your worker’s signed Return to Work (RTW) plan
  • Supervise and monitor the progress of the RTW plan.
  • Work with the worker, the WSCC, and the union (if applicable) to address any concerns that may arise.
  • Stay in regular contact with the WSCC throughout the claim.


  • Inform the employer as soon as possible after the injury happens, and continue to communicate with the employer throughout the claim process.
  • Complete and submit a Worker’s Report of Injury to the WSCC.
  • Communicate with WSCC regularly to provide updates.
  • Participate in recommended treatment and rehabilitation programs.
  • Assist the employer in the process of identifying suitable work.
  • Inform healthcare providers of available suitable work.
  • Accept suitable work and work within limitations and restrictions.

Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission:

  • Administer healthcare and earning replacement benefits.
  • Monitors activities, progress and cooperation of all parties, and acts as a liaison.
  • Monitors and if necessary, co-ordinates appropriate health care for recovery.
  • Assists all parties with RTW process.

If you have questions about your role in the Return to Work process, contact our Return to Work Specialist via email, or by phone at 1-800-661-0792.