Safe Workplace Program

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It is a legal obligation for all employers, no matter what size, to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.  The Safe Workplace program summarizes all legal requirements that employers must meet under the Safety Acts and Workers Compensation Acts. The program provides employers a tool to help them to access support services and track their progress towards meeting these requirements.

Employer requirements under the Safety Acts and Workers Compensation Acts have been summarized into six easy-to-understand criteria:

  1. Have an active Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program in place.
  2. Be in ‘Good Standing’- i.e. up-to-date on reporting payroll and WSCC assessment payments.
  3. Have fewer time loss claims than their industry class average based on the last 5 years’ performance.
  4. Have No ’Outstanding’ WSCC Directions.
  5. Have No convictions under the Safety Acts or OHS Regulations in the past 12 months.
  6. Have no workplace fatalities in the past 12 months.

Any employers who report payroll in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut are automatically evaluated through the Safe Workplace program. Employers that meet all six criteria are given the designation of Safe Workplace by the WSCC.
The program is available on WSCC Connect and includes the following tools:

  • A Safe Workplace dashboard – that gives employers a live snapshot  of which criteria they meet and which they don’t. Any unmet criteria will have a red drop-down arrow next to it. The dashboard also provides links to resources to improve safety.
  • An option to Print/ download the Safe Workplace Certificate – that recognizes employers who show that they value safety by meeting all six criteria.
  • Access to a public database of Safe Workplace employers – that provides a list of the employers who are recognized by the WSCC as Safe Workplaces and have given the WSCC consent for their name to appear in this database.

For more information about the Safe Workplace program, contact the Safe Workplace team by email in Nunavut or the Northwest Territories, or call 1-833-315-2057. 

Note: A Safe Workplace certificate does not replace a WSCC clearance letter. If you are awarded or are awarding a contract, please obtain a WSCC clearance letter by clicking here.


This guide helps employers with how to document their Occupational Health and Safety Program.