Request a Clearance

The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) recommends a principal obtain a clearance letter when undertaking a contractual project to avoid liability for assessments relating to the contract for which their contractor owes the WSCC. Likewise, contractors are recommended to obtain a clearance letter for any subcontractors they are in a contractual relationship with as they are liable for any assessments relating to the contract that their subcontractor owes the WSCC. If you wish to obtain more information regarding potential liability when hiring a contractor/subcontractor, please view Policy 02.12 – Employer Clearances.

To obtain a letter of good standing or final clearance letter, navigate to WSCC Connect and go to Obtain a Clearance which can be found under Employer E-Services. If you require a bidding clearance, navigate to WSCC Connect and go to Obtain a Clearance, Bidding Clearance.

For assistance on obtaining a clearance online, please visit Obtain a Good Standing or Final Clearance for step-by-step instruction.



Do you hire contractors or subcontractors? You need to register with us.* Under the Workers’ Compensation Act(s), if you hire contractors or subcontractors, you may be considered the principal contractor. Not sure? Check with us.

Did you know that under the Workers’ Compensation Acts you can be held liable for the unpaid assessments of contractors and subcontractors that you hire? The Acts state that you are both jointly and individually liable to pay the… more