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What to Expect with Your Claim

What to Expect with Your Claim

If you get injured at work, the claims process helps determine your benefits. 
These benefits may include:

  • compensation for lost wages while you recover from a work injury;
  • medical care and other non-financial benefits;
  • permanent disability awards, like a pension;
  • return to Work services, and
  • reimbursement for prescriptions and out-of-pocket expenses
There are four steps to the claims process:
  • Information Gathering

    You file your claim with the WSCC, sending in a completed Worker's Report of Injury form.

  • Claim Entitlement

    The WSCC makes a decision to either accept or deny your claim. 

  • Benefit Calculation

    If the WSCC accepts your claim, we calculate your benefits.

  • Ongoing Communication

    You work closely with a WSCC Adjudicator or Case Manager throughout your recovery.

You can learn more about the claims process by viewing the Claims Process Map.

If we deny your claim and you disagree with our decision, you can request a review of this decision. Learn more about the review process.