COVID-19 Update

WSCC’s Yellowknife and Inuvik offices are now open to the public. Our Iqaluit office is currently closed to the public and our employees are working from home. Our services are still available online or on the phone. Visit our COVID-19 page for important service updates, and the COVID-19 Resource page for essential tools for your workplace.

Return to Work Process

Return to Work Process

The following steps assist employers with getting an injured worker back to work.

RTW Process for Employers
  • Step 1

    First Aid/Medical Treatment:

    • Provide first aid/medical aid;
    • If needed, provide transportation to the nearest medical centre; and
    • Request that your worker provide a copy of the Functional Abilities form (on page 2 of First Medical Report) from the health care provider following their appointment. (If this is not provided, you can request this information from the WSCC).
  • Step 2

    Report the Injury

  • Step 3

    Communicate and Collaborate

    • Contact the worker as soon as possible after the injury and maintain regular, frequent contact throughout their recovery;
    • Contact the WSCC regularly to share updates on the worker’s prognosis and suitable work options; and
    • If there is a job demands analysis or job description for the worker’s job and possible suitable work, provide it to the WSCC.
  • Step 4

    Identify Suitable Work/Create a RTW Plan

  • Step 5


    • Check- in with the worker regularly;
    • Provide updates to the WSCC every two weeks; and
    • Communicate any progress, problems, or concerns with the WSCC.
  • Step 6

    Return to Work Completion

    • Worker fully recovers and returns to their pre-injury job; or
    • Worker reaches maximum recovery and requires permanent accommodation.