Media Release: WSCC guidance for Northern workplaces to reopen safely during COVID-19

15th Jun 2020

Yellowknife, NT (June 15 2020) – The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) today released additional materials to assist employers in reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in their workplaces.

All employers should prepare a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan to identify what safety measures and procedures need to be in place to reopen safely.

“We are asking employers to involve workers as much as possible in their safety planning, including frontline workers, supervisors, Joint Health and Safety Committees, and/or worker representatives. Often workers are in the best position to identify hazards. Involving them in the process encourages participation and helps to make sure their concerns are heard and addressed.” said Debbie Molloy, WSCC President and CEO.

“WSCC does not need to approve exposure control plans, but your plan needs to be put into action and available if an inspector asks to review it. Through inspections, we work directly with employers and workers to help them take the necessary steps to protect workers, clients, and customers.” said Molloy.

To prepare your plan follow these five steps:

1. Complete a Workplace Risk Assessment for your business.

2. Have each of your workers complete a Worker Hazard Assessment. This asks for information specific to each job or task at a work site.

3. Use your risk and hazard assessments to create an Exposure Control Plan. This safety plan outlines how employers, supervisors, and workers will eliminate or control the risk of COVID-19 exposure at work.

4. Put the necessary controls into practice:

  • Create or install any barriers, and online service tools;
  • Create new policies and procedures to address exposure risks;
  • Train your employees on the new controls, policies, procedures, and on identifying the risks and hazards in your workplace;
  • Purchase a supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you require workers to use while on shift.

5. Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice. Remember everyone must follow public health orders and employers should review their Exposure Control Plans and risk assessments regularly to keep their plans up-to-date.

For more information and to download COVID-19 Workplace Safety Resources visit or

To have an OHS Inspector assist with your workplace safety risk assessment, please email in the Northwest Territories and for Nunavut or call 1-800 661-0792.

For questions about how your business or organization fits within the Government of Nunavut and the Government of the Northwest Territories reopening plans, please contact the below:


Maggie Collins
Communications Manager
Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission Northwest Territories and Nunavut
T: (867) 920-3854