Workers' Advisor

Workers' Advisor

The Workers' Advisor Office (WAO) helps workers understand the workers’ compensation system. The WAO is independent of the WSCC, and provides a confidential outside-opinion.

The Workers' Advisor helps by:    

  • Getting information for you from the WSCC;
  • Talking to the WSCC about your claim;
  • Explaining WSCC processes and decisions;
  • Determining if you need more information to support your case;
  • Reviewing file evidence;
  • Helping to prepare and present your case to reviews and appeals; and
  • Helping you, and your family, find community services that you might need.

Contact Information


Patrick Scott

Phone: (867) 444-0051

Fax: (867) 873-5477




Phone (Nunavut): (867) 979-5303

Toll-free (Nunavut):  1-866-727-3830 

Fax (Nunavut): (867) 983-2187





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