Develop a Return to Work Program

Develop a Return to Work Program

A Return to Work (RTW) program is a proactive, formal plan that helps injured workers remain at work or safely return to suitable work. It outlines the steps that workers, supervisors, and others within the organization need to take if an injury occurs.

RTW programs typically include:


  • An organization’s commitment to providing suitable work, and a return to work plan


  • What to do if an injury or illness occurs;
  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • How to Identify suitable work;
  • Documentation of individualized RTW plans;
  • How to monitor RTW plans; and
  • Evaluate your RTW Program.


  • For workers and supervisors

For more information on Return to Work program development, contact the WSCC


Employer's Guide to Return to Work
A RTW program helps injured workers return to suitable work as soon as medically possible. It outlines what steps to... more


Injured Worker Example Scenario
Procedure Development Advice
Procedures outline the who, what, when, and how questions for each step in the process.
Prompts for Identifying Suitable Work
The following prompts may help you in thinking of alternative work that is of value to the organization. Remember, if... more
Return to Work Program Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that your RTW program has the minimum requirements.
Sample Checklist for Managing Return to Work
Note: The checklist may alter depending upon your organization’s procedures.
Sample Communications Log
Sample Job Demands Summary (1)
Sample Job Demands Summary (2)
Sample Letter to Health Care Provider
Note: This is a sample letter only
Sample Return to Work Plan
Sample Return to Work Plan Closure Evaluation
The intent of this evaluation form is to help the organization improve future RTW plans and the RTW program.
Sample Return to Work Plan Monitoring Form
Employers and workers, use this form to assist in tracking progress throughout the RTW plan.
Sample Return to Work Policy
Note: This is a sample letter only.