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Are you planning to harvest morel mushrooms in the Northwest Territories?

June 14 / 2017

Are you planning to harvest morel mushrooms in the Northwest Territories?

Are you working for an employer or on your own?

Most workers automatically receive Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) coverage through their employers. If they get hurt at work, or become sick because of work, we provide benefits for them.

If you are harvesting morel mushrooms in the Northwest Territories and you work for yourself, you are not covered by the WSCC. If you want to receive the same benefits and protections as other workers, you can buy Personal Optional Coverage from the WSCC.

Benefits may include:

  • compensation for lost work income up to the amount of coverage accepted;
  • payments for health care;
  • medical and job rehabilitation; and
  • a permanent disability award if the incident leaves you permanently disabled.

Applying for WSCC coverage is easy. Fill out and submit the Personal Optional Coverage form. Our Employer Services team is available to walk you through the process, and explain the benefits and cost. Coverage starts when we receive your completed form and full payment. The minimum amount of time you can buy this coverage for is one month.

To learn more about how Personal Optional Coverage can protect you, call 1-800-661-0792.