COVID-19 Update

All WSCC offices are open with new health and safety measures in place. Clients are encouraged to book an appointment before visiting. Please go to our COVID-19 page for important service updates, and the COVID-19 Resource page for essential tools for your workplace.

What type of injuries do I need to report to the WSCC?

Report if a worker:

  • needed medical aid;
  • cannot return to work the day that the injury occurred;
  • is unable to return to their job after the day of the injury;
  • lose consciousness; or
  • were exposed to a dangerous substance.          

(*If any ONE of these instances apply.)

For your convenience, we have developed a new Employer’s Report of Incident form, which replaces three previous forms: the Accident Causing Serious Bodily Injury form; the Dangerous Occurrence form; and the current Employer’s Report of Injury form.

Employers must submit the fully-completed incident report within three business days, or will incur penalties as listed in the Workers’ Compensation Acts. Please note that to report an accident causing serious bodily injury or a dangerous occurrence, you must call the 24-hour Incident Reporting line at 1-800-661-0792 as soon as is reasonably possible and complete and submit this form within three business days.