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Frac Oil Chemical Incident Alert

Publication Date: 
January 12 / 2015

On September 6, 2013 during the routine maintenance of frac equipment, a vacuum truck operator was sucking out the chemical totes at the blender. During this task one of the hoses became plugged. The vacuum truck operator took the suction hose with a male end fitting and attempted to hold it together with his hands to the other male end of the plugged hose. When the plugged obstruction (gelled frac oil) let go, the hoses jumped and came apart and he was sprayed in his face and upper body with the gelled frac oil substance. The driver was not wearing chemical goggles when the incident occurred. The chemicals were X-link, gel activator and breaker. The vacuum truck driver was taken immediately to the shower unit on location, showered down and was rushed to the Grande Prairie hospital by the medical staff on location. The worker was later released from the hospital with minor skin and eye irritation.