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Governance Council

Governance Council

The Governance Council oversees the conduct of business and management while maintaining the credibility and vitality of the WSCC.

Governance Council Directives are policies for how the Governance Council conducts its business. They outline the roles and responsibilities of the Governance Council members and provide direction to its members.

Click here for Governance Council Meeting Agendas.

WSCC Governance Council

Dave TuckerChairperson

Jack RoweNorthwest Territories Employer Representative

Abe Theil, Northwest Territories Public Interest Representative

Rachel MakohoniukNorthwest Territories Worker Representative

Joseph OhokannoakNunavut Public Interest Representative

Janet BrewsterNunavut Worker Representative

Governance Council Agendas

March 2017 PDF
December 2016 PDF
September 2016 PDF
June 2016 PDF

You may request a copy of the official minutes of the Governance Council in any of the official languages of the Northwest Territories or Nunavut. To request a copy of the minutes please contact the WSCC at either Phone: (867) 920-3888 or Email.