Welcome to the first post of the President’s Corner

Welcome to the first post of the President’s Corner. I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. I look forward to working with all of our stakeholders in 2017. I have been President of the WSCC, your WSCC for the past 6 years and employed by the organization since 2002. Since joining the then WCB I have witnessed many positive changes. I also know that communication is the best tool any organization can have with their stakeholders.

Moving in this direction is part of a long term strategic initiative of the WSCC – Delivering Quality Services and Outcomes for Workers and Employers. It also speaks to one of our values of “being open and transparent in everything we do.”

A few years back we moved into the area of social media and started down the road of creating an ebusiness platform (WSCC Connect) to better serve our employers and workers. A move to a blog is just another transformation on how we communicate with our stakeholders.

The intention of this blog is to ensure you have the most up to date information from the WSCC that you can. New developments will be posted on the President’s Corner along with upcoming events, safety issues or any developments you might be interested in. I am also hoping that you will get involved by contacting me with comments or thoughts on future posts. Any questions you have will be answered either directly to you via email or a phone call. If you have general questions you want clarified I may do a post on a particular issue that has been identified by multiple stakeholders. All of these will be confidential and your name or business will not be identified.

I look forward to our continued open dialogue in which we all have the same goal in mind – keeping our northern workplaces safe and caring for our injured workers in the event of an incident. DG