Young Worker Certificate Course

Young Worker Certificate Course

Start Safe. Stay Safe.

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Every day across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, young people enter the workforce for the first time. Workers of all ages can be injured at work, but young workers are often more at risk.

WSCC’s two-hour interactive e-course “Start Safe. Stay Safe” is designed to prepare young workers (25 and under) with a general understanding of workplace safety and their rights and responsibilities as workers.

All young workers should take this course and provide their employer with a copy of their certificate upon completion for their employment record.

This course does not replace site-specific training for hazard identification, control, and reporting but it can help employers, supervisors, and co-workers manage safety with young workers by helping train them according to safe work practices and encouraging them to ask questions when they are unsure of how to complete a task safely.

Employers must provide competent supervision to confirm that young workers know how to:

  • recognize risks and know how to report them.
  • identify unsafe equipment and tools, practices, and conditions (including stress and pressure to work too quickly).
  • continue to work safely, especially when tasks are tedious and repetitive.
  • identify when they need further instruction and clarity on job tasks.
  • Immediately report injury and seek medical attention if they need it.

For technical information and guidance on what technology you need to complete the course, please read this document.