OHS Application

Late last year the WSCC conducted a survey with various stakeholders to ascertain how we were doing. Surveys can teach you many things but I also know numbers can be arranged or interpreted to mean totally different things. One thing that can’t be misinterpreted is the comments. A number of comments struck a nerve with us in that stakeholders wanted a more direct access to the Safety Regulations and what was required by them to meet the legislation. We heard what you said and were able to act on it quickly. 

The WSCC is proud to announce the launch of a new tool which gives you the ability to quickly access safety information, legislation and relevant resources all in one convenient place. In keeping with the organization’s vision to eliminate workplace diseases and injuries, we created this tool to make legislation and resources more accessible throughout the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Since October of last year, the WSCC worked with the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) to develop the OHS App, and on Monday, May 8th, stage one will be going live with a web tool format. You will be able to access it by going to the WSCC home page and clicking on this icon (located next to the WSCC Connect icon on the top of the page): 


This tool was developed in two formats, one web-based and the other as a free downloadable app for both smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android). In the summer of this year, the WSCC will be rolling out stage two of the OHS App which will include the mobile version. The content will be the same in both formats, allowing you to access important safety information regardless of your location, cell service or internet access.  This is important as we deal with a large land area here in the north where service is often limited. 

More topics will be added as the WSCC continues to grow this tool. If you have any ideas for future topics that will make this tool more useful in your workplace please let me know. DG